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TJO at The Rex


, I went to see my friend Brent Mah play with the Toronto Jazz Orchestra at The Rex. I don’t get out nearly as much as I should these days, so I jumped at the chance to listen to some live music…

Sophia Perlman Singing with TJO
Trombone Solo
TJO at the Rex
Alto Sax Solo
Paul Metcalfe – Tenor Sax Solo
Brent Mah – Tenor Sax Solo

You can see from the photos that I was right upfront, sitting close the musicians, but off to the side. I was also too lazy to get up and get some better shots, but the place was jam packed and the only way for me to get up (and further back) would have meant walking on stage and interrupting the musicians first – obviously not a good idea.

These days, I’ve been spending all my time writing charts for salsa bands, but listening to this big band made we want to start arranging more big band stuff again…