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Toronto Photos — Spring 2013


Here are some more photos from around Toronto from this spring:

St. Clair West Loblaws
Dundas Street West
370 Dundas Street West
Toronto’s Old City Hall
Beck Taxi
Scotia Tower
Yellow & Blue Fire Hydrant
Yellow Fire Hydrant
CN Tower
St. James Cathedral
Union Station
Don Valley Bridge Approaching Broadview Station

I grew up in Calgary which was ugly, boring and depressing as hell (at least to me) — I started making plans to move to Toronto by the time I was in high school…

Of course, Calgary has an evil vortex that always pulls you back in. For me, it happens to be my family. (Quite the temptation indeed!) don’t get me wrong, Calgary is a great city, it’s just not for me.

Every time I go out in Toronto, no matter where I go, I always end up thinking to myself (and often say out loud), "man, I love this city!" Sure, it’s not perfect, but I feel like I belong here and it very much feels like home to me… And can you blame me? There’s so much about this city to fall in love with!