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Woodbine Beach


Michelle and I have known about the beaches for a long time, but we’ve never actually been to them. In fact, a lot of people (surprisingly) seem to be unaware that Toronto even has sandy beaches apart from Centre Island

In the past, we’ve confined ourselves to housing options on the west-end of Toronto, but now we’re looking east and hoping to find housing around the beaches… it’s a very dog-friendly area!

Here are some quick photos I took of Woodbine beach with my new iPhone 4 :

Woodbine Beach, Toronto
Woodbine Beach, Toronto
Woodbine Beach, Toronto

We weren’t able to stay long (less than five minutes) since we had to hurry along to our next appointment, but it seems like a fun place to be. Michelle is really looking forward to walking the dogs along the beach, so hopefully we find something closeby…