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Woofstock 2011


Here are some quick photos I took at Woofstock . (Michelle was volunteering there.)

Woofstock on Front Street
Woofstock on Front Street
The Boxcar Boys
Michelle Volunteering at Woofstock
Woofstock at Berczy Park
Sleeping Beauty

Apparently Woofstock is "North America’s largest festival for dogs" but I didn’t realize how big of a street festival it actually was until being there this morning. Much bigger than I expected!

Of course, there were a lot of vendors in booths just trying to get you to buy stuff, but there was also lots of free stuff for dogs too. I had Javier with me (so I couldn’t focus on taking better photos) but he wasn’t interested in being there at all. He didn’t want to meet new dogs, didn’t care when people approached him, nothing. I think he was a little afraid since he kept trying to get me to pick him up, plus it didn’t help that he knew that his mommy was close by…