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Daniel’s New Monkey


Ever since I was a kid, after I got my first teddy bear, I’ve had a soft spot for stuffed animals. I don’t have very many of them anymore, but I do have a couple kicking around (actually, most of them are the dogs’ toys. For real…)

I had this thing where I’d name each one of them, give them each a unique personality and each their own distinct voice. I used to never mix up their voices (nor personalities) but I’m not as good anymore as I used to be with that.

I definitely don’t sleep with them anymore, (except for Benardo and Caramelita of course – our two stuffed dogs who live on our pillows), but Buster and Ermenegildo (small bears – they’re brothers) still have their place in the room and I’ll occasionally (but rarely) put their voices into action, which is my discrete way of admitting that I still play with them as a 30-year-old adult… LOL (Actually, Ermenegildo, the younger of the two, has never approved of Michelle, but Buster loves to eat her hair…)

Anyways, the other day I was at Walmart and I came across this very silly monkey and just had to buy it. My thinking was that it would be fun to put it on the floor and freak out the dogs when they discovered that it moves… (It helped that it was on clearance from Valentine’s Day and was discounted from $20 to only $4.)

Silly Monkey

It turns out that while they were initially a little cautious, both Javier and Lorenzo got used to it very quick and don’t pay it any attention. cachita, on the other hand, is still freaked out by it and she runs under the bed as soon as I even put it on the floor!

I think my "soft spot" for stuffed animals was replaced with a soft spot for doggies after I got Lorenzo and realized that small doggies can be just like stuffed animals, except real… Hm. Now instead of sleeping with stuffed animals, I sleep with three doggies and Cachita lets me cuddle her like a teddy bear! :-)