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My First Teddy Bear…


Googie is the name of my very first teddy bear – I believe I’ve had him since I was about three years old – that’s a long time!

Old Teddy Bear

My mom took care of him for a couple years while I was out in Toronto and when I returned to Calgary, I was surprised that Googie was still alive! But he’s back in my custody now, and he likes to sit on top of my Azola Baby Bass flight case to guard it with his life…

Evidently, Googie has seen better days. I still remember the day when he lost his eyesight, the day he lost his nose, his mouth… I remember it like it was just yesterday! I also remember the late 80’s when I decided Googie needed a tapered haircut and I shaved his back – I was sure that it would grow back, and if it didn’t, it looked cool anyways! LOL

When I was seeing a psychiatrist as a suicidal eight-year-old, Googie was the only one who stood by me the whole time. And when a counsellor convinced my siblings to gang up on me and tell me that they didn’t like playing with me (and "pick favourites" amongst themselves), Googie was the one I picked as my "best friend". Screw them! (Note to shrink: terrible idea – seriously, how was that supposed to help!?)

Anyways, I obviously have a ton of memories with Googie – I carried that bear around for a long time, and once I grew too old, I still slept with him for many more years after that. he’s getting very old now and he can’t dance like he used to, but I’m glad to still have him around to remind me of much "simpler times" as a kid… He really took good care of me as a kid, and now it’s my turn to take care of him in his old age…