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Masks in Production

I’ve been so busy making masks in bulk that I haven’t had time for anything else since early April. I forced myself to take a couple days off from sewing in June so that I could launch my online store, and once I had that up and running I’ve been sewing non-stop ever since.

Here’s a sample of what I have for sale so far:

Blue Leaves Linen Throw Pillows
Chic Upholstered Throw Pillows with Piping
Navy Blue Linen Throw Pillows
Grey Upholstered Throw Pillows
Blue Oxford Cotton Face Mask
Vintage Throw Pillows + Pet Bed
Limited Edition Black Face Masks

In addition to my blue oxford cotton masks, I also made a limited run of black masks and in the next couple of weeks I’m going to have some super-comfortable kids masks for sale too!

I have many more products in the works (throw pillows, throw blankets, pet beds, dog pillows, bowties, dog toys, pet accessories, etc.) and I keep thinking that I’ll make those next, only to end up making more masks. Everyone needs masks right now, so literally all of my time is spent with that.