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Flower Photos

Yellow Bug by the River

I took this photograph of a yellow bug by the river on in the Bow. But more to the point, we also walked over to Prince’s Island Park and I got to take some photos of some really nice flowers.

As time goes on, I’m becoming better acquainted with my new camera and I think I’m starting to take (slightly) better photos. I still have a ways to go though, but at least I don’t spend anywhere close the amount of time that I used to editing the photos in Aperture anymore. (I still go crazy with meta-tagging them though…) The thought of taking a photography class has crossed my mind a couple times too…

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took that day. Only some of them have been cropped and/or have a slight vignette applied, but other than that, they’re right off the camera.

Yellow Flower on Prince’s Island
Red Flower on Prince’s Island
White Dandelion on Prince’s Island
White Flowers in Sunnyside
Red Flower on Prince’s Island
Red Lily from Our Backyard
Wild Flowers in Sunnyside
Pink Flowers on Prince’s Island

I really like the first five – what do you think?

I just wish I could have more time to take more photos. Back to chart writing I go…