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The Fluffy White Dog


When Lorenzo was just a puppy, he’d fluff up so much after a bath that he almost looked like a toy polar bear. So early on, he acquired the nickname "Fluffy White Dog", amongst many other nicknames, including "Bigotes" which is almost like his second name. (Bigotes is Spanish for mustache/whiskers.)

Every once in a while when Lorenzo seems a little down, or when he’s jealous of the other dogs, we remind him that he’s "The Original Dog" and the dog that started it all. If he wasn’t such a well-behaved puppy, we never would have thought to get two more dogs…

Lorenzo Smiling
Lorenzo Smiling
Lorenzo’s Face

Now a fully grown adult of four years, Lorenzo’s best trait is definitely his loyalty – his love for me is almost insane. At the same time though, since we’ve spent so much time together, (since I’ve mostly worked from home ever since we’ve had him), he also has separation issues and doesn’t like it at all when I leave him. When Michelle leaves, he’s used to that a lot more and it doesn’t seem to affect him as much, but whenever I have to leave, it’s the end of the world to him.

I love all three of our dogs a ton, and each one of them holds a very special place in my heart. But I can’t deny that I have a very unique bond with Lorenzo – you could say he’s my best friend… It will definitely be a sad day when he dies and I will miss him a lot… (I know, that’s probably still a long ways away, but I do think about it a lot…)