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Weaselhead Flats — Summer 2009


A while back, I went with my friend Josh to the Weaselhead Flats in Calgary to take some photos. I had never been there before and couldn’t believe that in all my years in Calgary, I had never even heard of the place.

I’ve been back several times since then and have taken a lot of photos while hiking on both the bike paths as well as through the many bushy trails. If you live in Calgary and have never been, I definitely recommend going. The Weaselhead Flats are a great place to escape to; whenever I’m there it doesn’t feel as though I’m in the city anymore… Nature. :-)

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken in my most recent visits. (I went once with my mom, Michelle and our three dogs; twice by myself and another time with just Lorenzo.)

Cloudy Blue Sky
Javier & Michelle on the Weaselhead Bridge
Bridge at Weaselhead Flats
Large Dandelion
Elbow River at Weaselhead
Elbow River at Weaselhead
Power Lines
Gopher Eating Grass
Gopher on the Lookout
Gopher Looking Out
Thick Bush at Weaselhead
Bumble Bee
Weaselhead Flats
Elbow River at Weaselhead
Weaselhead Flats

You can see more photos on my Flickr account as well as on my MobileMe Gallery. Actually, on my MobileMe Gallery there’s a ton of photos I took from the trails…