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Close to You…


I spent the last two weeks of and the first week of playing with Dr. Zoo’s "Afro-Celtic-Reggae" band on Canada’s East Coast. (I’ll be uploading photos and more info on that in the coming days – watch for it!)

While in Goose Bay for the Labrador Creative Arts Festival, I met some very interesting people who were very eager to share their Labrador arts and culture with me.

Here’s a funny YouTube video that is a product of this festival (from a previous year) and was shared with me by Debbie Gill in Goose Bay, who’s part of the festival’s volunteer committee, and an excellent cook too. (Hi Debbie!)

Close to You by Ticklish Brother

Labrador is extremely hard to get to (and very expensive to fly to) but the people there are all extremely friendly and super-hospitable. Actually, we stayed in Paul Power’s log cabin one night (on Duley Lake, just west of Labrador City) and Here’s what he told me about Labrador hospitality:

Labrador people are so hospitable, it’s all they know. If a Labrador man were to walk into his house and find some guy screwing his daughter on the kitchen floor, the first thing he’d say is "girl, arch your back and get that poor man’s balls off the cold floor!"

LOL! Well if that’s not hospitality, then I don’t know what is! But all kidding aside, yes, everyone in Newfoundland & Labrador is very hospitable and ultra-friendly.

Enjoy the video!