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Hidden Gem: Lo Que Siento Es Le Lo Ley


Back in I had written about a guitar part in Guaco’s "Ahora Si", and then in I shared an audio clip and sample piano chart from Charanga Habanera’s "Nube Pasajera". Ever since then, I’ve been meaning to share my admiration for the horn lines in NG La Banda’s "Lo Que Siento Es Le Lo Ley" from their 1999 album, "En La Calle".

NG La Banda – En La Calle

The song itself, beautifully sung by Issac Delgado, starts with a very syncopated horn line all on the up-beats, but the horns are so ridiculously tight that it just flows like water. There’s lots of really nice horn lines typical of NG La Banda adorning the verses too. And then, two minutes into the song just as it breaks into the coro section, there’s this gorgeous horn line that’s in your face and not hidden at all, but it’s very easy to overlook just how masterfully written it is… Have a listen to this short clip to see what I mean.

NG La Banda – Lo Que Siento Es Le Lo Ley

You can listen to the whole version of this song on YouTube, and buy it in the iTunes store.

I’ve liked this horn line for a very long time and every so often I come back to it and play it over and over… it’s probably one of my favourite horn lines, actually. it’s relatively long, and I imagine it must be hard to play in a single breath, but it’s not stupid long – it’s beautiful.