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St. Lawrence Market


Back in June 2011, my wife Michelle and I went to St. Lawrence Market for the first time and we’ve been back many, many times since then. In fact, we’ve been going every two weeks for the past year to do our grocery shopping there. I love that place!

St. Lawrence Market is the #1 food market in the world, according to National Geographic, so it would be a shame to live in Toronto and not take advantage of such a marvellous place. In fact, I can’t believe it took us so long to finally make our first visit.

I’ve been collecting these photos over the past several months with the intention of sharing them so that you might be inspired to visit:

Wholesale Stores, Front and Wellington Streets — 1898
Interior of the North St. Lawrence Market
South St. Lawrence Market, Interior — 1983
St. Lawrence Farmers’ Market
Fresh Asparagus
Front Street at St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Market Entrance
St. Lawrence Market South Building
St. Lawrence Market Entrance
Family Food Market Co.
Ponesse Foods
St. Lawrence Market Produce
St. Lawrence Market Meat Shops
Brown Brothers Meats & Poultry
Brown Brothers Meats & Poultry
St. Lawrence Market Meat Shops
Ready to Eat BBQ Ribs
Carnicero’s Prime Meats & Fine Foods
Smoked Pork Bones
Smoked Pork Bones
Smoked Pork Bones
Marrow Bones
Upper Cut Meats
Smoked Sausage
Upper Cut Meats
St. Lawrence Market Meat Shops
Witteveen Meats
Dog Bones at Witteveen Meats
La Boucherie
Whitehouse Meats
Di Liso’s Fine Meats
Sausage King
Anton Kozlik’s Mustard
Churrasco St. Lawrence
Peter’s Natural Health Foods
Golden Orchard Fine Foods
Wooden Gum Ball Machine
Chris’ Cheese Mongers
Pre-Wrapped Cheese
Olive Bar
Carousel Bakery
Carousel Bakery
Carousel Bakery’s Bragging Wall
Future Bakery
St. Urbain Bagel Bar
St. Lawrence Fresh Pasta
Buster’s Sea Cove
Mike’s Fish Market
Seafront Fish Market
Cooked Lobster
Cooked Lobster
Domenic’s Fish Market
Fish Monger at St. Lawrence Market
Wine Country Merchants
Olympic Cheese
Alex Farm Products Cheese
Meat Slicer
More Shops Downstairs
Caviar Direct
Harbour Front Organic Foods
Phil’s Place
Lively Life
Yianni’s Kitchen
Eve’s Temptations
Fresh Baked Buns
St. Lawrence Market Lower Level
Assorted Tofu Samples
Manota’s Organics & Fine Foods
Chilli Peppers
Dnister Ukrainian Store
Bulk Candy
Aren’t We Sweet Chocolate
Rube’s Rice — Over 50 Varieties
Rice Blends
Brown Basmati & Black Thai Rice
Rube’s Fiesta Blend Rice
Rube’s Flour
Coffee Beans
Toper Izmir Coffee Bean Toaster
Exit to Front Street
St. Lawrence Market Exterior Door
St. Lawrence Market Exterior — West Side
St. Lawrence Market Exterior
Brookfield Place from Front Street
Flatiron Building
CN Tower from Front Street

Like the Toronto Reference Library, St. Lawrence Market is one of my favourite places in Toronto. (And running into celebrity chefs doesn’t hurt either!) It’s a very beautiful place with a long, rich history and there’s just too much to photograph in a single day. Usually, my hands have been full of grocery bags as I’ve taken these photos… Hopefully this quick photographic overview inspires you to visit St. Lawrence Market!

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