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500 Days


It has been 500 days since Lorenzo passed away, which means Miguel Ángel was born 400 days ago, and Monday next week will be 300 days that we’ve had Miguel Ángel…


Ever since Lorenzo died, I replaced the photos of my basses on my iPhone and iPad wallpaper with photos of Lorenzo. (Only on my iPad, my lock screen wallpaper is a photo of Miguel Ángel and the home screen background is of Lorenzo.) On the one-year anniversary of Lorenzo’s death, I contemplated whether it was time to let go and replace my iPhone wallpaper with photos of Miguel Ángel (and Javier), but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It almost feels like I would be letting go of Lorenzo’s memory and I don’t want to do that. Now that 500 days have passed, maybe it’s time? But can I bring myself to do it?

I’ve given up on the idea that Miguel Ángel is Lorenzo reincarnated. Lorenzo was really one of a kind and there will never be another Lorenzo. Sometimes my wife Michelle and I remark that it’s as though Miguel Ángel is the spiritual child of Lorenzo and Cachita though, because he has a mix of so many of their traits. He reminds us of both of them, all the time.

Every single day, without fail, I think of Lorenzo. He was my soul mate. I miss him very much. When we got Miguel Ángel, he was never meant to be a replacement for Lorenzo (that’s impossible), but I’m glad that Miguel Ángel keeps us busy so we can try to focus on happiness, love and living life every day, instead of dwelling on sadness and nostalgia.

Rest in peace Lorenzo, hopefully we will be together again very soon!